This is a chess set of simple, noble forms and decisive colours. This set is created by local craftsman who use traditional methods of carpentry, screen printing and book binding as well as the highest quality of materials. The pieces are made from beech wood, coloured with water-based stains and protected with a two-layer coating of organic oil. With this set, to ensure the highest quality while keeping down costs, we decided that the chess board is to be made of beech playwood and the pawn case is to be made through book binding techniques. There are prints on the box as well as the board that were done by us using screen printing. The form of the pieces differs slightly to those of the 2019 set due to the need of adjusting their shapes to create an easier and more efficient production. This chess set is also a limited edition with 25 sets having been produced at an affordable price.

The name of the set (Wulumulu)

is a subvariant of the Desprez opening found in the category of irregular chess debuts marked with the symbol A00.


This is a classic chess set that refers to the modernist style in a refreshed contemporary form. The shape of each piece is the result of an in-depth study of the piece’s moves during the game. This set was born from the need of sustainable design and the need of increasing the quality of craftmanship of the objects that surround our day to day lives. Each set is hand-made by local craftsman that use traditional carpentry and screen-printing methods as well as the highest quality of materials. We use two types of wood: black oak and beech.

A00 was created in commemoration of the centennial anniversary 

of Bauhaus. A00 is a closed edition with only 15 sets produced.

The name is derived from the category of irregular chess openings (A00).


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